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The Balvenie Reveals Creative and Crafty Holiday Gifts!

Craftsmanship is alive and well in America.  Inspired by the skill and dedication of their team of craftspeople,  The Balvenie Distillery in Dufftown, Scotland-where neither the craft of whisky production nor natures mysteries have changed in over a century -- set out on a unique journey to prove that craftsmanship continues to flourish in the US.

The Rare Craft Collection celebrates Americas finest craftspeople. Hand-selected by award-winning designer Todd Snyder, every piece in The Balvenie Rare Craft Collection stands as a passionate expression of craftsmanship in all its forms. From hand blocked bowler hats favored by Robert DeNiro and bamboo bicycles handmade in Washington, DC, to white pine lumber electric guitars, this groundbreaking collection represents rare crafts from every corner of America.

Unique gift ideas from exceptional artisans included in The Rare Craft Collection:
        Bowler Hats by Optimo Hats, Graham Thompson, Chicago, Illinois-uses original tools, supplies and techniques at his workshop, Optimo Hats, where all his pieces are one-of-a-kind. Fans include Robert de Niro and John Lee Hooker.

        Copper Tea Kettles by SDB Coppersmith, Stephen Bradway, Rio Grande, New Jersey--techniques that predate the Industrial Revolution-a time when crafts were utilitarian and functional rather than decorative-to craft his pieces.

        Leather Satchels by ColsenKeane Leather, Scott Hofert, Charlotte, North Carolina-- process begins by hand-selecting the hide from which hell cut the leather to make each satchel.

        Baseball Bats by Hoosier Bat Co., David Cook, Valparaiso, Indiana--A former major league scout, David's bats have been used by giants of the game from Sammy Sosa to Lance Johnson.

        Kelly Guitars, Rick Kelly, New York, NY--makes his guitars from white pine lumber reclaimed from Manhattans oldest buildings, including the legendary Chelsea Hotel.

For more information visit www.us.thebalvenie.com/collection 

David Laird - The Balvenie Ambassador, Eastern USA
Born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland, David Laird brings years of experience with whisky on both sides of the bar, having managed and owned bars in Tennessee and Oregon. David is both a science fanatic and an avid soccer player, boasting two science degrees and a soccer scholarship that eventually brought him to the United States. 

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