Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween Safety Reminders:
- Parents be careful driving. A lot kids who are excited and running from house to house and across streets. 

- Know the neighborhood.  If lights are off on houses respect it; a reason the person does not wants trick or treater's (elderly, registered sex offender, etc.)

- Carry flashlights if walking after dark. Parents accompany those younger kids and if "tweens" make sure they go in groups and meet up with adults periodically throughout the evening. Talk about safety with your kids beforehand (watching traffic, do not go into homes of strangers). 

Parents know your teen's plans. If attending parties get with the parent of party thrower and talks about ground rules/times/etc.).  If throwing a party have ground rules set and think about an adult to teen ratio for supervision purposes.  Formal invites (mail, email, Facebook) for parent communication. 

- Parents beware of all the tricks. Make sure to talk to teens about what is okay vs. what is not (graveyards, throwing eggs, spray paint). 

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