Getting Organized for the New School Year

- It's a new school year, so what better time to take a moment and really start things off right with a solid plan and great organization.  Mary Clare Munger is the Chair of the Amarillo College Education and Child Development Department; she's got some great tips to help us get there.

Mary Clare's Tips for a Great Back-to-School

- Know each child's schedule
- Print out the teachers' names and emails for quick reference
- Be aware of what comes home from the school classroom and what comes home from the afternoon schedule.
- Send a blanket message by email to your child's teachers saying how you can be reached easily and make a reference to receiving texts.  Some people can get that done if nothing else.
 - Tell the teachers how excited you and your child are for a good year.  Tell them you want to help.  You can send extras or you can pick up things needed.  Anything that makes it easy for the teachers to do a great job in the classroom or in the after school program. 
 - Set up a new routine for the year.  What time will you do homework?  Where will you keep the back packs?  Who needs their clothes washed for tomorrow?  How are you going to share the to do list from teachers so that each child goes to school ready each day?

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