Fire Safety in the Home

"We run fire prevention month the whole month of October. We do it all year around but really in October it picks up," states Caption Jacob Oehlert of the Amarillo Fire Department. 

It's also a perfect time to go through your home to make sure your family is safe from potential hazards. A good place to start, the smoke detectors.

"We recommend you test your smoke alarms once a month, and generally it will say test so you hold the button and it will go into test mode and it'll go through it's test mode and make the real loud noises and it'll shut off. As long as you're doing that once a month you'll know you're good. Like this one, you'll come through and push it and don't hear anything. We'll take it down check batteries. There's a couple things you need to check. The first thing find the battery door, and there's no batteries. That's why we didn't have a sound on this one, and there is a life on smoke alarms. You're looking at 10 years max. There's a date printed on them. This would be a prime example of one that needs to be replaced, " explains Captain Oehlert. 

"This is just a different example of it. It's a dual smoke alarm carbon monoxide alarm. You can buy them at Walmart, Home Depot, Lowe's, any of your local stores. There's a test button in the middle and of course when you push it the test will go off. The first part will be for the fire test and the second will be for the carbon monoxide alarm," he explains.

"The point of the chirp is to let you know the battery is low. So you can replace the batteries in it and then you can turn it around and check the date on it," Captain Oehlert states. 

Carbon monoxide detectors are just as important as installing smoke detectors. 

"This has a different power source on it but like the smoke alarm you want to change your batteries twice a year. When then time changes and you change your clocks, change your batteries. This is a different carbon monoxide detector. It gets it source from the power directly from the wall outlet. It just plugs in and it's going to have the dates on them. You really want to pay attention to those dates and you really need to get in the habit of replacing them. I say every 8 years but really 10 years because most of them go 10 years now," Captain Oehlert explains. 

'We want the smoke alarms in your living room, dens, you want to have one in each bedroom and one in your hallway. Your egress and access to your rooms. You want to have one carbon monoxide alarm on every level. Most people's homes are electric but you still have a garage and you can't say you'll never leave your car running on accident. That's a cause of carbon monoxide that'll build up. Even if you have a fireplace that can cause carbon monoxide," he states. 

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