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Empowering Teens To Be Compassionate Leaders

Kids today are focused, have incredible ideas and know how to make their voices heard. 

Things kids need to foster leadership and overall health with our kids:

  • Make sure to get enough sleep
    • Don’t allow them to be online all night. Relate that good sleep increases focus and efficiency
  • Teach respect for personal space for self and others
    • Obtaining proper consent for any kind of touch
    • Listen to gut feelings
  • Listen
    • When talking to kids listen first and seek understanding, this allows kids to feel validated and respected
  • Tell them they matter often
  • Thank them for the positive things they do
    • Showing that you notice communicates to them they are valued
  • Regularly say you believe in them
    • Helps build resilience and if you don’t succeed at first try again
  • Be a sanctuary for your kids
    • Home needs to be a safe place and refuge from the difficulties and challenges of life

Challenge: Help teens to develop courage, resilience, self-worth in order for them to be productive citizens. They are the next generation of leaders. 


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