Do You Know What's In Your Water?

Drinking and cooking with clean water is crucial to maintaining a healthy life.

If you’re one of the millions of Americans focused on making 2018 your healthiest year yet, why not start at the tap? Drinking and cooking with clean water is crucial to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. However, the water coming from your faucet may contain a few unpleasant surprises – including lead and mercury.

Thanks to, consumers now have the chance to learn about the quality of their local tap water by simply typing in their address and zip code. Created by PUR Water Filtration, uses EPA data from more than 148,000 public water systems to determine how lead levels compare among cities around the country. The results…
Best Tap Water Cities (Lowest Lead Levels):
Hartford, CT; Tampa, FL; Newport, VA; Fayetteville, NC/Portsmouth, VA/Louisville, KY; Battle Creek, MI; Nashville, TN; Dallas, TX; Minneapolis, MN/St. Louis, MO/Albuquerque, NM/Greensboro, NC; Jacksonville, FL; Santa Fe, NM
Worst Tap Water Cities (Highest Lead Levels):
Portland, OR; New York, NY; Pittsburgh, PA; Denver, CO; Akron, OH; Chicago, IL; York, PA; Milwaukee, WI; New Orleans, LA; Boston, MA

Renowned celebrity nutritionist Keri Glassman takes a look at:

  • The importance of clean water for optimal health
  • What unwanted contaminants may be lingering in your water
  • How using filtered water offers a cost-effective solution to ensuring you and your family are using the cleanest water possible 


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