DIY Tips for a Spring Spruce Up

- Are you preparing to take on a new home improvement project this spring? Many homeowners feel that spring is the perfect time to freshen up their home and outdoor living space, but before you take on the task of refinishing your deck or adding crown molding to your dining room, get a few tips from the experts!  DIY experts Mark and Theresa Clements have some tips to get your home ready for spring - both inside and out. 

REFINISH: The natural beauty of a well-maintained deck transforms a backyard into a gathering place. Spring is one of the best times of year to apply sealant because of mild and consistent temperatures.

IT'S ALL IN THE TECHNIQUE: The first finish applied to wood decks is the most important, and its best to apply it as soon as the wood surface is dry. Learning simple sealant and staining techniques is key to protecting wood that's exposed to the elements.

KEEP IT SIMPLE: You don't have to be an expert contractor to enhance the beauty of your home with wood. With just a few tools, you can transform your favorite room with a custom finish. Crown molding, installing a wood appearance wall, or wainscoting are affordable and trendy options for interior design.

WHEN IN DOUBT, HIRE AN EXPERT: Don't take on a project that is more than you can handle. Do your research and find a trusted professional, and make sure you are involved from start to finish, including choosing the materials, colors and design.

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MORE ABOUT MARK CLEMENT: Mark and Theresa are spokespersons for the Wood, Naturally campaign. Fun, fast and informative, Mark & Theresa talk with the hottest celebrities and experts, and share what they learn with you. And, they answer your DIY questions. Mark is the tool and how-to expert for and contributes to NBC's The 10! Show, Men's Health, Professional Deck Builder, Old House Journal, Popular Mechanics, Handy, and Extreme How-To magazines. He teaches clinics for JLC Live! and other professional trade shows. He is the former award-winning executive editor of Tools of the Trade, and has been a project manager for Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, and featured guest on shows airing on PBS, DIY Network, Discovery Channel, A&E. Hes been a regular contributor on Good Day Philadelphia, and other national radio and TV programs. Mark is the author of the critically-acclaimed novel The Carpenters Notebook, and Kids Carpenters Workbook.

MORE ABOUT THERESA CLEMENT: Theresa is equally at home on a jobsite as at a drafting desk. Her formal training in architecture and journalism have given her the skills to be a jack-of-many trades: designer, illustrator, magazine editor, photographer, author, publisher, and publicist. She has designed for Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, and has contributed to NBCs The 10! Show, Extreme How-To, Professional Deck Builder, Builder, Remodeling, Residential Architect, Building Products, AOL's DIY Life. Shes an author of Do-It-Yourself Home Improvement and DIY Quick Fix from DK publishing and Black & Decker Complete Guide to Shelves & Built-Ins from Creative Publishing and the card game and coloring book with National Association of Home Builders called Build It!

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