Distinctly Dad: A Look at the Father's Role

- Do dads matter? The answer is a resounding YES.

Dr. Kyle Pruett, author of Partnership Parenting: How Men and Women Parent Differently - Why it Helps Your Kids and Can Strengthen Your Marriage and Fatherneed: Why Father Care Is as Essential as Mother Care for Your Child, discusses the important role of fathers in the development of their children.  He says there's plenty of  research that shows the benefits to a child from having a father is positively engaged with in  his child's early life.

Dr. Pruett says there is often a disconnect between how society and fathers themselves often perceive the father's role, and how children actually perceive it - noting that, in fact, children know more than anyone how irreplaceable fathers truly are. He also thinks it's critical to help fathers embrace their important and unique role as caregivers.

As part of the Johnson & Johnson For All You Love campaign, Dr. Pruett partnered with the company to create a short documentary film that explores how impactful a father's engagement really is, in the first of a new series from Johnson & Johnson titled How Love Works.

To watch the film, click here.  To check out the full campaign, click here.


·         Love and care from fathers is proven to have a meaningful impact on how a child develops.

·         Fathers naturally interact with their children differently than mothers do, and because of that they instill different skills and attitudes in their children that strengthen independence and problem-solving skills, as well as increase their verbal skills.

·         Parenting drives a positive hormonal effect for fathers and mothers - deeper engagement can lead to more sensitive parenting.

·         The power of the fathering experience not only impacts the child, but also the father himself.  Engaged fathers live longer, healthier, more satisfying lives.


Dr. Kyle Pruett, M.D., is a Clinical Professor at the Yale Child Study Center and international expert on child, parental and family development, paternal involvement, and childrens mental health. Dr. Pruett, himself a father of four, has contributed to Good Housekeeping and Child magazines, and has also been interviewed in the New York Times, NPR, Oprah, Good Morning America, CBS News and the Today Show. He hosted the Lifetime Television series, Your Child Six to Twelve, and also sits on the editorial boards of Medical Problems of the Performing Artist, Parents, and Child. Dr. Pruett is also the founder of the Yale Conference on Fatherhood, and the Harris Professional Development Network for Training in Early Intervention and Research, and was co-chair of the Child Custody Conflict Placement Committee of the Child Study Center and the Yale Law School. He is past President for Zero to Three: National Center of Infants, Toddlers and Families, and serves on the Board of Trustees of Sesame Workshop and Yale Program for Humanities in Medicine. His current research focuses on the Supporting Fatherhood Initiative, State of California Department of Social Service, Office of Child Abuse Prevention.

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