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Danny Seo Shows Off New Kitchen Trends

Amarillo - The best of the kitchen and bath industry will be on display at Design and Construction Week 2017 on January 10-12 in Orlando, FL.  Danny Seo, healthy living expert and editor-in-chief of Naturally, Danny Seo has a look at the latest kitchen trends - how "feeling your best" can translate into "living your best" at home.

Danny's "Naturally" brand and his well-known "Do Just One Thing" tips celebrate the idea that we can make a difference in the world around us by making small changes and much of that can start in the home.   Danny can share insight from the Winter issue of Naturally, Danny Seo and also share the very best innovation in design from the trade show floor that he believes will improve your daily life.   During the segment, Danny can tell you all about the latest and answer these questions for viewers:

 The Biggest Trends:

o   Flexibility - getting the most out of your space, tailoring rooms within the home and even products to fit your needs and preferences through new innovations.

o   Simplification through good design - we hear it all the time at Naturally, Danny Seo: "I'm too busy, I don't enough time for everything on my "to do" list, I'm struggling trying to balance all the demands of my daily life etc." My team constantly looks for ways to help bring simplicity to our viewers' and readers' lives. I'm particularly excited about a number of new designs, especially in the appliance and surface spaces, that are changing home life in ways we never imagined. More than ever, manufacturers are developing products to help consumers bring simplicity into their life.

o   Style meets sustainability - the days of sacrificing style in the name of sustainability are long gone, new technologies allow you to have the best of both worlds in every room of the home.

Tips for making a space entirely your own:

o   My biggest piece of advice: fill your home with things that spark joy and have a purpose.  

§  Decorative items should spark a memory, a journey, a place in time… and not just memories of getting it on sale.  

o   But, one of the questions we're asked most often here is "how do I get more out of my kitchen without adding extra space?" And actually, the answer is related to one of the biggest trends we saw on the show floor -and that's products that offer great flexibility.

§  Americans want products that are designed to meet the needs of their unique lifestyle, not a one-size-fits-all approach. The reality is that these products are no longer an idea of the future, they're already here -- like dishwashers that can be customized every time you use it!

§  Think about the ability to customize something every time you use it - like the new dishwasher line from Bosch.

Make kitchens glamorous and sustainable:

o   It's true, you can have a glamourous kitchen without sacrificing in areas such as sustainability and comfort.

o   New technology is ushering in a generation of products and surfaces that strike the perfect balance of style, versatility and sustainability. Think of this as a new take on upcycling, something we talk about frequently on the show.

o   Wilsonart has developed many beautiful designs making it easy to have a kitchen that is both gorgeous and good to the earth.


Ways to De-clutter:

o   Think quality not quantity.

§  Invest in one or two of the best kitchen knives, not a value set where you get 30.

§  Use your good plates and bowls every day; don't keep them on display in your cabinets.

§  Buy openstock cookware and get exactly what you really need; when's the last time you used a teeny, tiny butter melting pot?

o   Another tip-and I say this all the time-simplicity starts with good design.

§  We saw countless examples at this year's kitchen and bath show of products that use good design to improve how something functions, ultimately helping to make your life that much easier- from food storage, to cooking, cleaning and everything in between.


About Danny Seo
Danny Seo is America's foremost expert on stylish, sustainable living. He's the editor-in-chief of his own namesake magazine Naturally, Danny Seo, which is read by 3.5 million people, the author of 10 bestselling books and the designer of the Danny Seo Home line of furnishings sold in 3000 stores. Follow Danny on Twitter and Instagram @dannyseomag.

About Naturally, Danny Seo

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