Dealing with Summer's Mosquito Population

- The unusual rain as of late have been a nice change for most in the Panhandle.  Unfortunately, the rain has brought a massive influx in mosquitoes.  Ed Bynum of the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service has some advice on how to deal with the pests this season.  

Mosquito Management

- Drain or Toss Containers

- Empty Pools

- Repair Leaky Pipes

- Use Mosquito Dunks

- Mow Tall Grass

- Short Term Insecticides



- Picaradin

- Skin So Soft

- Citronella

- p-Methane-3,8-diol

- 2-undecanone

- Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus

- Catnip Oil

Remember the 4 Ds

- Dusk/Dawn- Stay Indoors

- Dress- Long Sleeves & Pants


- Drain

For More Information:
- Environmental Protection Agency
- Center for Disease Control and Prevention
- National Pesticide Information

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