Dave Lissy Talks Ways on Balancing Work and Personal Life

On June 23, Dave participated as an expert in the Summit on Working Families, hosted by the White House, the Department of Labor, and the Center for American Progress. The Summit focused on creating a 21st century workplace that works for all Americans and convened businesses, economists, labor leaders, legislators, advocates, the media, and ordinary citizens for a discussion on issues facing the entire spectrum of working families - from low-wage workers to corporate executives; from young parents to baby boomers caring for aging parents. The Summit  aimed to address issues like workplace flexibility; worker retention and promotion; child care and early education; and elder care.

IN 2014:
- 47% of our workforce is made up of women.
- Working women bring home 44% of their families' incomes.
- In almost 3 out of 5 married families with children, both parents work.
- Women earn 50% of all higher education degrees but: African American women earn 64 cents and Hispanic women 54 cents to every dollar paid to white, non-Hispanic men.

Men and women fear responsibilities to family could result in lack of opportunity, security at work. CEO of Bright Horizons Family Solutions, Dave Lissy discusses these results which include:
· Nearly half (48 percent) of working parents admit their family responsibilities have made them concerned that they could get fired; four-in-10 fear being denied a raise; and one-in-four worry about a demotion (26 percent)

·When it comes to requesting flexible work arrangements, more than four-in-10 would hesitate to ask their boss about reducing hours, working remotely or placing boundaries on responding to calls or emails.

· In an ongoing effort to combat this stress, 85 percent of working parents say they would be willing to make at least one sacrifice in order to secure reliable child care immediately if their current provider was no longer available.

· More than one-in-three parents (35 percent) would turn down a higher-paying job or give up their next pay raise (31 percent) in return for reliable child care.
For more information, please visit solutionsatwork.brighthorizons.com

Dave Lissy is the Chief Executive Officer of Bright Horizons Family Solutions.  Prior to being named chief executive officer in 2001, Dave served as executive vice president and chief development officer of Bright Horizons for four years. In that capacity he was responsible for overseeing the company's growth strategy which included leading the companys international expansion. He has been instrumental in ensuring the company's ability to grow while maintaining its high-quality standards and strong sense of mission. Dave has been responsible for the development and enhancement of the company's service offerings including its expansion and leadership into the areas of back up care and educational advising. He also oversaw the successful integration of Bright Horizons and Corporate Family Solutions in 1998, which created Bright Horizons Family Solutions. Dave and his wife, Suzanne, are the parents of three children.

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