Continuing Education Tips from Cal Farley's Boys Ranch

Education is Key to Family Stability: Education helps you to attain living wage jobs - not minimum wage jobs.
Educated employees lend themselves to longer-term employment.

Model Good Behaviors: 1st generation graduates: your kids are watching you! They internalize and understand the importance of education when you model the success it brings. With the children of those attaining 1st generation educational enhancement, we have seen them improve in school and display improved behaviors. You become a better parent when you model better behaviors. 

There's Help for YOU: Cal Farley's Boys Ranch is part of the No Limits No Excuses (NLNE) community initiative. From acquiring a GED, to learning a trade, to earning a two- or four-year degree, this new community initiative can help you. NLNE can help with language barriers and help dropouts attain GED's, too.

This Week's Parenting Challenge:

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