Celebrity Dancer Chelsie Hightower Inspires Young Dancers

Chelsie Hightower first entered the public sphere when she wowed us with her dancing in season four of So You Think You Can Dance on Fox. Now, she's a professional dance partner, trainerk and choreographer on Dancing with the Stars. Her dream is playing out right before her eyes, and she travels around the country teaching master dance classes while she tours with Ballroom with a Twist. Dancing is more than a hobby for Chelsie, it's become her life and that's what she wants to share with her students. She's inspiring dancers to find their passion. Dance has been what's kept her motivated through difficult times, and what's kept her strong and allowed her to grow into the person she is today. 

Ballroom with a Twist
- Tonight
- Amarillo Civic Center
- 7:30 p.m.
- $15 - $50
- www.panhandletickets.com

 SB Dance Academy
2516 Paramount
(806) 418-4271

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