Celebrate National Pet Week with Training Tips from Le Chateau Pet Resort, Spa & Boutique

It's National Pet Week and we couldn't go without giving this holiday some recognition. So, we've brought in Dawn Hallgren, owner of Le Chateau Pet Resort, and pet trainer, Randi Lightfoot for training tips.

Keep in mind, dogs of all ages can be trained; puppies should start their training at the age of four months. 

Basic Training:
Treatbag, $15
Zuke's Treats, $6

Loose Leash Walking:

Escape Proof Collar, $13
Easy Walk Harness, $27

Dealing with Separation Anxiety: 

Lickable Calm Aid, $12
Thunder Shirt, $41

Keeping an Active Dog Busy:

Busy Buddy Tug, $20
Filled Bones, $6 or $9

Le Chateau Pet Resort, Spa & Boutique
8150 SW 77th Ave
(806) 331-1100

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