Building a Trusting Relationship with Your Teen

Teens and Trust
· All teens will break trust at some time; not if but when. All teens disappoint parents at times.

· Don't let teen mistakes interfere with your relationship; do not harbor anger/ resentment. Acknowledge disappointment and fully explain what you expect but always let your teen know you love them regardless. 

· Provide consequences for the infraction/mistake and stick to you. Be consistent.  

· Let teen have the opportunity to earn trust back after an appropriate time. This can be done in stages (earn certain things back first like phone then driving privileges etc.)  

· Big part of discipline is teaching. Kids makes mistakes and parents have to provide guidance and teaching in order for teens to learn and grow. All of us learn from our experiences; teens are not different.  

· Start early so teens do not make mistakes that cannot be taken back, reconciled easily (substance abuse, legal issues, pregnancy) -begin laying a foundation of smart/good choices early.  

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