Brooke Burke Charvet's Summer Vacation Tips

- Families take an average of 4.5 leisure trips a year, according to the U.S. Travel Association and keeping everyone in the family happy is a challenge every parent faces.
A busy mom who is frequently on the road with her four children, Brooke Burke-Charvet knows a thing or two about creating a winning and memorable travel experience for each member of the family.

To start, she recommends involving the entire family in the planning process. Holding a pre-vacation brainstorm session where everyone contributes is a great way to achieve that. Order take-out, clear off the dry-erase board and distribute colorful markers for a fun-filled night.

Organizing a trip that will appeal to everyone in the family can be tricky, but Brooke has some savvy suggestions to make sure your upcoming summer vacation is pretty great for parents and kids! :

·         Own a Day: One of the best ways to make a family vacation memorable is to include an item from everyone's wish list. Let each member of the family Own a Day.

·         Live to Learn: Every city has its own unique identity with various local attractions for families to enjoy. Do some homework in advance by networking on social media and visiting local tourism bureau websites to identify local museums, landmarks or parks - they many have pre-planned weekend activities

·         Pack a Goodie Bag: Everyone loves to buy a little something to remember a perfect vacation. Pack a soft suitcase or duffel bag at the bottom of your luggage, so you have room to pack souvenirs for the entire family

·         Stay in a Sweet Suite: Being together is the best part of a vacation, but lets face it: sometimes you need a little peace and quiet. Stay at Embassy Suites Hotels, and enjoy a two-room suite where everyone wins; mom and dad can enjoy a movie of their choice with a glass of wine, while the kids play video games in the other room.

·         Pass the Camera: Mom and dad have plenty of albums with photos of the little ones, but how many pictures do the little ones have of mom and dad? Pass the camera to the kids for a day and see what the vacation looks like from their perspective!

·         Fuel up on Breakfast: To keep the engine running, make sure the entire family enjoys a hot and healthy breakfast to make the most of day-long family-fun activities.

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ABOUT:  Brooke Burke-Charvet is a successful host, actress, television personality, fashion designer, author and entrepreneur. Brooke is recognized for first winning, and then going on to Co- Host 8 seasons of the iconic, Dancing With The Stars. Brookes television credits also include hosting Miss America, TV Lands reality competition series, Shes Got the Look, Mommy Expert on the nationally syndicated daytime program, The Doctors,acting as liaison between mothers and the shows panel of doctors. She hosted Mark Burnetts RockStar INXS and RockStar Supernova competitions for CBS. Brooke first gained worldwide attention as tour guide for the series, Wild On.  The mother of four is Co-CEO of the popular website and President of With over two million Twitter followers, Brooke has made a name for herself as a trusted resource in the world of motherhood and social media networking.

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