Belinda's Parenting Tips: Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking is real and happening. Top 2 states where it happens; CA and TX--- Amarillo is on a major corridor (I-40) lending itself as a path for traffickers.

Victims can continue to attend school while being trafficked. Females predominantly trafficked but boys can be as well.

Signs to look for:

  • Poor academic performance, disengaged with school
  • Avoids eye contact, has memory gaps, resist being touched
  • Visible bruises/scars, malnourished, signs of alcohol/drug use
  • Low self-esteem/depression/anxiety/fear/sudden aggressive outburst
  • Much older friends/ “partner”

Red Flags:

  • No money
  • Does not have personal identification documents
  • Afraid to talk to other people/looks to someone else for answers

Ways traffickers lure victims:

  • Job promises
  • Pay for the victim to come visit after meeting online
  • Traffickers will look for those traveling overseas

Challenge: Be aware when in hotels, restaurants, planes, etc. If you can, ask a suspected victim if they are ok or if they need a safe place. If suspect trafficking taking place call local FBI or toll-free tip line (1/-888-373-7888). 

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