Beat the Dog Days of Summer with Tips from Le Chateau Pet Resort, Spa & Boutique

The dog days of summer are upon us, and we cannot forget about our animal friends when the temperatures rise. We've asked Dawn Hallgren, owner of Le Chateau Pet Resort and Spa, for some reminders on ways to keep pets cool this time of the year. 

10 Cool Tips:
1. Know the signs of overheating to prevent heat stroke.

2. NEVER leave a pet in the car.

3. Limit outdoor exercise in the heat of the day.

4. Provide a supply of fresh cool water. The Hydro Bone ($14) is great for that.

5. Provide shady, cool areas like a gel mat ($36) for your pet to lay on.

6. Watch out for hot surfaces.

7. Brush ($6) your pet regularly.

8. Dress them up in cool attire like the Cooling Vest ($34) or the Cool-It bandana ($12).

9. Let your pets play in the water. 

10. Make a chilled treat with the Kong Easy Freeze ($10), Planet Dog Strawberry Toy ($10) and the artichoke toy ($12).

Le Chateau Pet Resort, Spa & Boutique
8150 SW 77th Ave
(806) 331-1100

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