BBB Consumer Tips: Xcel's Energy Efficient Program

This time of year you may be getting a knock at your door from a company offering to make your home energy efficient. Believe it or not, this is not a scam. Janna Kiehl from the Better Business Bureau says this is a real program supported by Xcel Energy that can save consumers money on their energy bills. 

You do not need to meet any income requirements-- it's a program for everyone if you want to take advantage of it to determine if you can save money on your energy bill. 

Services the companies perform free of charge are:
- Checking insulation
- Changing light bulbs
- Etc. 

Additional work the company might offer to perform may be an added expense. Get that information from the company in writing and understand the work before agreeing to have it done. 

Companies that participate in this program with Xcel Energy are listed on their website. Dont use a company unless its on this list. If you and the company agree to services outside of the free energy update, check the company out at BBB before signing the contract or paying for anything.

Better Business Bureau 
720 South Tyler, Suite B112
(806) 379-6222

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