BBB Consumer Tips: Sweepstakes Scams

- All scammers are nice. If they were mean, you wouldn't give them your time or money.
- If you are asked to wire money or provide account or personal information in order to claim your winnings, its a scam!
- When you win, you are not required to pay taxes, customs fees, shipping or handling, or any other fee before you receive your winnings.
- If you have to pay, you didn't win, you are making a purchase or a donation. When you win, they give you money!
- It is illegal to participate in a foreign lottery through U.S. mail.
Don't be fooled when you're asked to wire money, send a check, provide access to your bank account or credit card numbers or forward personal financial information in order to claim your winnings. Scammers promise big winnings, ask you to keep it quiet and even claim you don't have to pay anything. They will befriend you over time and gain your trust, but beware; scam artists want your personal information so they can access your accounts.

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