BBB Consumer Tips: Request A Quote & Everybody Loves A Compliment

- BBB often warns consumers against doing business with questionable companies and we advise they do their homework before spending money or signing anything.

BBB's Request A Quote Program allows consumers to get quotes directly from Accredited Businesses as part of that homework. If youre interested in fixing up your home or business this summer; inside or out, buying a car or taking a vacation, choose a company you can Trust with BBBs Request A Quote program.

The program is easy and is designed to connect consumers with Accredited Businesses to obtain estimates, proposals or general information.

Click on the Request A Quote Program on our home page at .

Select a business category - any category you're planning to do business in. Select some or all of the companies from the list to receive a quote.

You will be asked to provide your contact information (name, address, phone number). Your information is sent to accredited businesses in those specific industries. The business will then contact you directly. Its one stop shopping with businesses you can trust, BBB Accredited Businesses!

The personal contact information you provide will be used only for the purposes for which you have given permission in accordance with BBB's Privacy Policy.

Compliment A Business

If a company has gone above and beyond or simply done a good job, let them know. Businesses have always welcomed a "Happy Letter" from the BBB. Our website features an easy click to compliment a business.

Look up a company using the search function on our homepage. When you pull up their report by clicking on their company name, the Compliment This Business link is the second link under Quick Links to the right. Let them know you're happy.

For more information about BBB services, go to

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