BBB Consumer Tips: Repacking Scams as Online Jobs


BBB warns against the repackaging scam. The repackaging scam targets online job seekers with the promise of a lucrative job opportunity. Con seek individuals to accept and then repackage products illegally obtained with stolen credit cards.

The con artist purchases high end products such as electronics, cell phones, cameras, etc online using stolen credit card numbers. They then place ads looking for employees in the United States who will accept the orders, repackage them and ship them to foreign countries. Oftentimes the person reshipping the merchandise is not aware they are dealing with stolen merchandise. They may also be unaware that this scam, like most others is illegal.

In some cases the employees are not paid as promised. In any case, participating in the scam could land you in a lot of trouble.

BBB Tips:

·    Ask questions about the job before agreeing to anything.

·    Never give personal information such as your social security number to an unknown party, regardless of what they promise.

·    Tell a potential employer that you check all companies with BBB. Get their name, address and contact information and then call us for a report.

·    When you speak to the potential employer, keep good notes; verify all information they provide and get their address, contact information and phone numbers.

·    Slow down, and ask questions.

·    If an employer objects, take that as a red flag.

U.S. Postal Inspectors tips:

   Don't give out personal information to a person or company you dont know.

    Be suspicious of any offer that doesn't pay a regular salary or involves working for an overseas company.

    Check the company with the FTC, Better Business Bureau, or state Attorney General.

If you have been a victim of this scam, contact the BBB at 806-379-6222 or .

Better Business Bureau 
720 South Tyler, Suite B112
(806) 379-6222

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