BBB Consumer Tips: Phone Scams

The "One Ring" Scam:
The call rings once on your phone and appears as a missed call and the scammer waits for you to call back. When you call back you are charged $19.95 PLUS $9 per minute. 

What You Can Do: 
- Learn about this scam - Tell others and commit to ignoring missed calls from unknown numbers. 
- Take note of the number - Let your cell phone provider know right away.
- This is a type of phone cramming - Watch your statements and question any unknown charges. 
- Contact provider - Ask your provider if they can restrict third-party billing on your account. 
- If you are a victim - Call your BBB and let us know. 

Local Number is Fake:
You receive a text or call from what appears to be a local number - 806 area code. When you return the message you are told your card is blocked, and must be re-activated. You are asked for your card number, expiration date and PIN number.

Things to Remember:
- Banks already have your bank info and will not contact you for it.
- A bank will never ask for your PIN.
- Do not give out account information to anyone who calls you. 
- Do not allow these thieves to take advantage of you. Don't do business with them - don't respond to them and protect your accounts.
- Call your bank if you have any questions.

**Victimized by this scam? Call your bank immediately, the BBB and the police department to report the fraud.

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