BBB Consumer Tips: Paying for Hail Damage Repairs

BBB warns that the new companies and some local companies are more interested in taking your money than fixing your property. First and foremost use companies whose reputation you can check out. Call the BBB or go online and look up the companys business review. Look at their rating, whether or not they are BBB accredited; how they handle complaints, their licensing information, etc. This is free information; use it before you agree to anything, pay any money or sign anything. If you dont like what you see, dont use the company. They may be nice to you upfront, but once they have taken advantage of you, theyre hard to find. Your money is gone and your job is still in need of repair and additional funding. 

How to Pay for the Job:
If you must pay the company some money, the standard rule is - one third of the agreed price after the first day of work; one third half way through the project and one third upon completion and inspection. And this is only after you have a complete contract signed by both parties. Always keep a copy of what you signed and make sure it has the company's authorized signature as well. 

Always Remember:
- Don't Feel Pressured
- Shop Around
- Have a Written Agreement
- Get the Lowest Bid

Better Business Bureau 

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(806) 379-6222

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