BBB Consumer Tips: Hiring Lawn Professionals

Sprinkler problems can range from one extreme to another - you may have no water pressure or you may be watering the street and the lawn across the street. You may only need some sprinklers replaced or it may be time for a new system. There are traditional sprinkler systems to choose from as well as drip systems or systems for certain areas of your yard that may have a high volume of plants, trees, etc. So if you have had some changes to your landscaping in recent years it may be time for a major change to your system.
To keep your lawn and landscaped yard looking good this season, you will want to take your time and select a reputable sprinkler system company or landscape irrigation company as they are also called.
First, start with trust. That means log on to and find out what the company's reputation with its customers is like. A sprinkler system or major repairs to an existing system can be costly so you will want to do business with a reputable company that takes care of its customers.
Next you will want to get several estimates and a contract. Take the time to read and understand the contract. This is crucial.
Avoid hand shake deals. Be sure to obtain any work-agreements in writing and avoid paying for the complete job until the work is finished and you are 100% satisfied with the final results.
Another important practice to remember is to make sure the company you choose has the proper licensing needed to perform your repairs or install a new system. Make sure to ask them whether there are permits needed to make repairs or installations.
Remember, you are the consumer and it is your right to ask ALL the questions and any worthwhile contractor should be able to answer your questions with confidence and professionalism.

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