BBB Consumer Tips: A Sophisticated Scam

Need An Easy Job? Don't Fall for the Re-Shipping Scam 

Looking for a job? Looking for love? You might find both online or even in a classified ad, but you may also find it easy to get involved in a sophisticated scam. 

Scam artists offer top dollar for easy work - work you can do in the convenience of your home. Or an interested party may respond to your personal ad by telling you they own an export company and need your help to ship products. 

Its called a repackaging or reshipping scam and all you have to do is agree to receive packages, open them and reship the merchandise to another location, typically out of the country. 

Once you begin receiving the packages you are instructed to reship them to another location. Trouble is the merchandise, almost always high end electronics, is purchased by scam artists using stolen or fake credit card numbers. Not your problem, right? After all you didnt make the purchase. Except for the little fact that your new employers are located outside of the US and the only contact information the credit card company and law enforcement can trace is your address where the stolen merchandise was shipped. Thats right, your address. And by accepting the job you have agreed to smuggle goods out of the country and into the hands of scam artists. 

The promise of big bucks lures victims in but one of two things happens when its payday. You either never receive payment (and never hear from the scammer again) or you receive a fake check that will bounce when deposited into your account. 

Another twist on the repackaging scam is the sweetheart scam. It works the same way - luring you in with the promise of money or love in return for helping with their family reshipping business. 

Repackaging scams are illegal. Stay away from them. 

If you have been a victim of this or any scam or you know someone who has, file a complaint with the US Postal Inspectors online or by calling 877-876-2455 and alert the BBB via Scam Source on our website.

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