Back-to-School with Hi-Tech Gadgets

Technology in the classroom has changed everything from how teachers teach their classes to how students learn their subjects to how students communicate with their educators and each other.

Studies show teachers and administrators believe technology has positively impacted not only the classroom environment as a learning center but also the overall productivity of students who are more likely to engage in their education through the use of technology.

As schools continue to grow their technological capabilities, parents can also do their part by arming their children with the best technology available to help them continue their education both inside and outside the classroom.

About Cat Schwartz: Cat Schwartz is one of the foremost technology and social media experts in the country with over a decade of experience. She has appeared regularly on The TODAY Show and hundreds of local programs to talk tech, social media and the digital ins and outs of the entertainment industry. Cat started out her career hosting on the TechTV network and blogging as HiTechMommy, where she was the spokesperson for eBay and other fortune 500 companies. In 2010 Cat was named Creative Director to the CAA incubated celebrity social network, WhoSay Inc. Cat is the CEO to two companies she founded in 2012, DGTL ADVISORS and The DGTL NTWRK. In her new role, uses her connections to over 100 celebrities to generate digital conversations around client projects, products and brands. Cat is also responsible for maintaining her clients entire digital presence. Some of her clients include Jamie Foxx, Chris Bosh and AR Rahman.

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