Ask Home Depot: Smart Home Improvements

Question 1: What are some easy ways to update home lighting and save energy?
· As part of the DIY Workshop series, The Home Depot will host a free lighting efficiency DIY Workshop at all local Amarillo Home Depot store on Saturday, July 12, from 10 to 11:30 a.m. Registration information can be found at You'll learn how-to advice for reducing home operating costs and tips to create stylish, energy-efficient lamps and lighting projects.

· Homeowners use the most energy during summer months, resulting in higher than expected energy bills. The Home Depots lighting experts can demonstrate easy ways to reduce home operating costs and tips to create stylish, energy-efficient lamps and lighting projects. 

1. Use Cooler Lightbulbs (wi-fi enabled through WINK)
· Replacing incandescent lightbulbs with energy efficient LEDs brings immediate savings on electricity bills. Innovative LED technology uses up to 85% less energy than incandescent bulbs, and up to 50% less energy than CFL bulbs.

· Incandescent bulbs get hot-thats why you cant touch them when theyre on-LED technology does not heat up and conserves that energy.
· If you are looking for energy saving benefits of LED bulbs but prefer light from incandescents, the new Cree bulb is just what youre looking for. Ringing up at $10, its the best of both worlds-it has the warm light of an Edison bulb but all the technology and energy saving benefits of an LED.

Featured Lightbulbs: 

Cree Dimmable LED Light Bulb

$9.97 / $19.97

Philips Slim Style LED Light Bulb


Philips Hue Lighting Kit

2. Install Dimmers 
· Lighting accounts for nearly 20% of the average homeowners monthly electric bill.

· Installing dimmers is one of the easiest energy-efficient home improvements you can make. Lutron dimmers are also wi-fi enabled through the WINK platform and can be controlled from anywhere. 

Featured Dimmers:

Lutron Lighting Wireless Dimmer


Lutron Caseta Lamp Dimmer

Question 2: How can I turn my home into a smart home?
· WINK is a platform for connecting, controlling, updating and interacting with smart home products. WINK is one, quick and simple way to connect consumers and the products they rely on every day in their homes. 

· WINK helps turn a house into a smart home and provides the largest selection of home automation products to be controlled remotely from a smartphone.  

· WINK enabled products are available at The Home Depot beginning July 7 making it easy for customers to build their connected home in one interconnected system. 

Featured Products:

Honeywell Wifi Smart Thermostat

Questions 3: How can I seal my home to keep cold air inside?

Featured Products:
GREAT STUFF Big Gap Insulating Foam

GE WD Supreme Silicone

Honeywell Allergen Air Filter
$29.98 and Up

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