Ask Home Depot: Dorm Room Living

Question 1: How can you best organize a dorm room into functional areas?
Studying, eating, hanging out and getting dressed - they all happen in your kids new home away from home, so organize the room into functional areas:

A sleeping space: Whether a traditional bed or a dual-function futon, college students need somewhere to rest, especially since they average fewer than six hours of sleep every night. 

Lounge chair study zone: Experts recommend students spend two to three hours studying for every hour spent in class. Its important to have a comfortable place to knock out class reading. 

An organized workspace for the computer: Today, the term workspace means a good place for your laptop. Designate a well-lit area with ready access to several wall outlets as the hub for schoolwork. 

A kitchen space [i.e. refrigerator and microwave]: Create an area to make food at home, it may cut down on unnecessary spending dining out. 

A prep area near the mirror: Group bathrooms are short on space and, if your kids are used to having their own sink, can be an adjustment. Creating a primp area in the room with a hairbrush, makeup and other toiletries can save time waiting for a sink on busy days. 

If there's a roommate involved-you can divide and conquer on costs for things like the mini-fridge, microwave or carpet. Healthy compromises and peacefully dividing responsibilities can go a long way in minimizing roommate conflicts, which rank among the top five reasons students drop out of college. 

Question 2: What are the easiest ways to install and organize power cords, chargers, etc. in dorm rooms?
One third of college students cited technology as one of their top three stressors in a survey by tech support service NortonLive. From phones to tablets and every gadget in between, your kids depend on their personal technology to get through the day. Help them install and organize the right technology to keep it from becoming a distraction.  

Out of sight, out of mind: Running cables from speakers and TVs all over the room is as dangerous as it is unsightly. Buy cables with plenty of slack, add Feng Shui with a streamlined charging station and install a flexible wall plate to get started keeping those cords out of the way. 

Install the command center: You've designated a workspace, and now its time to gear up. Tap into your cord organization system to consolidate all the plugs and wires from your computer and phone to the ground before organizing them into a power strip.

Stay entertained: What good is that nice TV without high definition? Pick up the right cords and an indoor, flatwave antenna to keep your son or daughter entertained in style. The flatwave antenna is an HDTV receiver that pulls in top rated shows from your local broadcast stations in better quality than cable, satellite and streaming, with no monthly fees or contracts. Paired with an Apple TV or Roku, students can watch favorite TV shows and movies with minimal cost.

Invest in back-ups: If your son or daughter has a tendency to lose things, it never hurts to make sure they have back-ups of important items, like cell phone chargers.  

Old school for the new school: Some tools are as high tech as they'll ever be. A hammer is a simple item that's part of a basic toolkit that every dorm dweller or renter should own. 

Question 3: How can you maximize limited space in a dorm room or college apartment?
Space might be in short supply for college students living on their own or with roommates. Learning to maximize space is a skill that will prove valuable throughout life. Here are a few quick ways to make the most of tight quarters:

Under-the-bed storage options: They've spent nearly 20 years making sure its clean under their beds, and now its time to put that space to use. Stock up on storage bins that fit comfortably underneath their bed. 

Loft the beds: With the right tools and materials, turning the traditional bed layout into a loft can quickly increase living space. Take extra time and precaution to ensure this is done correctly and safely.  

Mount the TV: Before you get completely settle with your highly efficient cord arrangement, put your new toolkit to work, and mount that TV on the wall.

Extend your closet: Make it easier to stay organized and off the floor by purchasing easy-to-install wall hooks and placing them strategically throughout the space. 

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