Ask Home Depot: Decking the Halls

1. How can I reduce holiday season spikes in my energy bill?
Switching to LED light strings means savings on your holiday energy bill. LED light strings use 65 percent less energy than standard incandescent light strings. Available in warm white and bright colors like blue, red, yellow, green, orange and white, the latest innovation in lighting will take your Yuletide decorations to the next level.

·Build your collection: If youre a new homeowner or its your first year decorating your home, start small. Decorate the tree indoors and add lighted garland to the mantel. Outdoors, decorate a few areas, such as small trees and decorative porch columns. Next year, add more light strands to build on your light collection.  

·Be green & save: Hit the switch on indoor and outdoor lights before going to sleep, and keep lights on a timer if you are going to be away from home.

·Hang them up on the tree: Consider how many lights you will need. The rule of thumb is that you will need 100 lights for every foot and a half of tree. Also, plug in the lights before stringing to ensure they are working -and have a stepladder handy to reach the top of the tree safely. Start by weaving the lights at the top of the tree. To add more lights, start from the top again and work downwards. 

·Hang them up outside: Use universal shingle and gutter clips to easily secure lights to your roof or gutter. The no ladder shingle or gutter kit allows you to attach clips with lights to a pole and secure them without a ladder.

·Reel in your lights: Use a hose reel to keep lights in check while hanging and storing holiday string lights.

2. What is the process for the LED light trade-in at local stores?
·Recycle for savings: Deck the halls affordably, beautifully and conveniently. Recycle working or broken incandescent Christmas light strings at your local store from Nov. 7 through 17. When you turn your old lights in, you will receive a coupon redeemable for $3-$5 off the purchase of seasonal LED string lights. 

3. What are additional ways to incorporate energy-efficient lights in your home before the holidays?
·Illuminate small spaces: Use battery operated LED lights in white or multi-color to create a festive holiday lighting display quickly and easily, without having to worry about electrical cords. Perfect for decorating interior items such as wreaths and small trees, or even a tacky sweater.

·Add lights down low: Decorate with ground and stake lighting, including LED rope lights, for added holiday sparkle. Illuminate paths, driveways and walkways with holiday lights to help guests find their way to the front door in the dark.

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