An Amarillo Couple Goes Debt Free

"I think we we're married a year and a half before we decided it wasn't working," states Chad Mask. A fairytale love story, that turned into a nightmare, everyday the two sinking further into debt. "We were drowning. There was really no other option. What we were doing wasn't working, so it was a last ditch effort to save our marriage, to save our finances and to save everything," Ashley Mask says. 

Chad, at the time, heard a Dave Ramsey program on the radio while on the road for work. "I had been listening to him for about two weeks and then I came home and told Ashley read this guy's book and see what it's about. She was all gung-ho and ready to do it and she was like okay, I'm in." 

Chad and Ashley paid off their debt of $142,000 in 29 months using Dave Ramsey's seven baby step program. Here's how they did it-- they paid of debts smallest to largest by taking on any extra work that they could find. They also eliminated eating out, except for special occasions. As for the stuff they really wanted to buy, they budgeted small amounts of money monthly those things.

Today, they say their marriage is stronger than ever and more open, and that is something to shout about. "I wouldn't say it was special, the relationship we have now is special."

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