Advo Company Provides a Successful Future

"Our job is how to overcome anything difficult that we might face and create a postiive learning environment. When we see something difficult our job is to overcome that and make it possible for us to do a job. We don't look at it in terms of a challenge we look at it in terms of a possibility. Success is an everyday thing here," explains CEO and President of Advo Company, Carla Hughes.  

At Advo Company, each individual's needs are valued and met while they learn the values of everyday life and what it takes to succeed at a career.

"Advo Company is a vocational center and a training program and a day program and a residential area for persons with intellectual disabilities. We provide a work environment and a living environment for individuals that need extra assistance with their living and working. It's a wonderful environment to be in," Carla states.

Advo Company provides an opportunity for these people to grow and experience decision making and to reach their goals.
For Tate Prescott, it was his choice to come to Advo.

"Tate has been with Advo for 12 years. I got to meet Carla at a campfire camp when she first moved here in 1994 and meeting her laid the ground working seeing that she has such a passion for our children, I knew that this is where I wanted Tate to be. We are so blessed to have Advo in Amarillo, TX. It's a program that parents only dream of and sometimes in the big cities you have programs that say you need to go here or need to go there but if anyone is looking for a program, Advo is the place to be," explains Tate's mom, Jeanne Prescott. 

Each year, Advo Company hosts a  gala to raise money to fund their programs.

"We're having a gala show, a style show and a concert Friday night and the style show is with all of us clients that are going to get on stage with our western wear, our boots, our shirts. We're going to have a lot of fun doing the show and then it's followed by a dance and a concert with JT Hodges and then Saturday and Sunday is our team roping. I'm excited to get to raise money for our building for our lot next to us because this is a big opportunity for all of us here at Advo," explains Elizabeth Campbell.

Advo Company Gala
- Friday
- 6:30 p.m.
- Rex Baxter Building
- (806) 342-0600

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