A Year-Long Look at Art History

Episode 1 - Paleolithic Art 
30,000 BCE - 10,000 BCE
Paleolithic means the The Early Stone Age. So far this is the earliest period of human history we know. 
It actually begins around 2,000,000 years ago and ends at around 10,000BCE. 
The Art from this period is typically dated from 30,000 to 10,000BCE. 
There were two basic types of art that survived, Portable Works and Cave Art. 
Portable pieces are thought to have been tokens of luck or prayer. They were carved from bone or stone or fashioned out of clay. 

The most common object discovered features the figure most commonly known as a Venus Figure. 

Another very common theme is food source of Paleolithic people, animals. Bison are quite common.
The most famous art from the period is Cave Art. 

What we in the earliest forms of art is human beings practicing a form or prayer or magic combined with utilitarian practices. Much of what began in the earliest days of our human ancestors remains in art up until modern day. Next time we will move our way towards the art of ancient Egypt, with a few little stops along the way!

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