A Brigade for Wildlife-Loving Kids

- The Texas Brigades mission is to educate and empower youths with leadership skills and knowledge in wildlife, fisheries, and land stewardship to become conservation ambassadors for a sustained natural resource legacy.

The success of the Texas Brigades depends on both highly motivated youth (ages 13-17) and adult participants with a desire to further their wildlife knowledge and leadership skills.  The Texas Brigades offers five types of outdoor camps for our youth. Each camp not only teaches the cadets about wildlife conservation, but also about how to become a leader in today's society. Cadets will learn about plant ID, shooting and angling skills, radio telemetry, public speaking, and even television and radio interview skills.

The Texas Brigades is a combination of five educational programs: Bobwhite Brigade (quail), Buckskin Brigade (deer), Bass Brigade, Waterfowl Brigade (ducks and geese), and Ranch Brigade (cattle). There are locations in Coleman, Uvalde, Pleasanton, Santa Anna, San Angelo and Tennessee Colony.  Partners are Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service, Texas Wildlife Association Texas Wildlife Association Foundation, USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service, and Texas Parks & Wildlife Department.

The camp consists of 4 1/2 days of intense, interactive and fun learning from top wildlife and natural resource professionals in Texas.  Subjects covered include everything from biology, habitat management, watersheds, population dynamics, ecology, and botany, to photography, journalism, firearm safety, fishing, communication, critical-thinking, team building, and leadership

The fee is $400, which covers meals, lodging and supplies. Scholarships are available

Applications must be postmarked by March 15, 2014.  To apply, visit TexasBrigades.org

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