4 Your Family: Getting Ready for Kindergarten

Published 08/21 2014 02:12PM

Updated 08/21 2014 05:15PM

Beginning kindergarten is a huge milestone for both parent and child.   So, what can you do to prepare your little one for the big day?  We've asked Dr. Elsa Diego-Medrano to walk us through some steps that will make the transition from summer to school a little easier.

How to get young children prepared for kindergarten:
·    Develop a routine:  bath, early bedtime, read a story or tell a story
·    Prepare and allow for independence on your child's part
·    Prepare them for socialization with others; self -regulation
·    Discuss the first day as a positive experience
·    Discuss the first day as a story scenario and include the child's name in the story
·    Discuss the possible daily school schedule:  morning activities, lunch, recess, nap, dismissal

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