Students Learn About Real World from Business Leaders

- AMARILLO -- Teachers and business leaders are working together in some Amarillo schools to get students ready for life after school.

Junior Achievement is a program where business leaders come in to teach students about everyday skills.

They learn things ranging from saving and investing to finding a job.

One student tells us he feels more prepared.

"I think it's really important because it's showing us how life it going to be -- all the difficulties and everything," said Juan Gutierrez, Caprock High School Senior.

One volunteer tells us he loves participating because people from the business community bring a fresh perspective to the classroom.

"I actually went to Caprock. So I have a sort of special place in my heart for Caprock. And I understand there are a lot of kids in our community who aren't going to go to college. They need to understand hot to invest, how to save, how to find a job," said Rock Rose Development VP Matt Griffith.

If you'd like to volunteer, go to

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