Students Have Faith in Giving Back

Some high school spring breakers spent the day helping those in need.

"You get a good feeling, in the heart."

Jacob is one of a dozen San Antonio teens who spent their springbreak at faith city to paint and clean several areas around the mission.

"It's definitely an experience and i'm glad to have the opportunity to come and help out."

Taylor Huntley says, "we are basically revamping all where our mothers and our children stay.  We are repainting everything.  It's needed to be done for years."

Huntley tells us the kids put in long hours.

She says they came in at 9 a.m. and worked until about 6 p.m.

"Being able to come to a small town and kind of learning that this is real life.  This is what's going on.   Thees are kind of the issues that we're facing.  So they did get to feed some of our home.Less today and meet some of our drug recovery students here as well," says Huntley.

We caught up with many of the students who say this is their first time doing something like this, but it won't be their last.

The kids also worked outside in the the women and children's courtyard.

Huntley says staff, and homeless guests of Faith City Mission say their help is much appreciated.

She says, "what I really love is that someone from San Antonio would want to come to Amarillo to come help Faith City which seems to be such a small ministry, but really does help so many people.

Faith City provides shelter, food and clothing for those in need.

The mission also has chapel and employment services as well.

Huntley says next week a few youth groups will be stopping by faith city to help out some more.

For more information on items Faith City needs and others ways to help out, head over to http://faithcity.Org/

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