Strip Club Auction Could Lead to Closure of Others in Amarillo

- AMARILLO -- A judgement against an Amarillo strip club owner will cost him hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    It could also affect the futures of all three clubs he owns in the city.

    The owner of Beavers, Babes and Cheetahs gentlemen's clubs was ordered to pay more than $318,000 in back wages and attorneys fees to nearly two dozen former employees.

    If he doesn't pay by September 2, one or more of those clubs could go on the auction block. 

    One of them, Beavers, is already set to be auctioned-off on that date.

    If it doesn't make enough to cover the judgement, the other clubs could be sold as well.

    According to court documents, the owner, Barry Pour, agreed late last year to pay a settlement of $318,717 to 21-former employees.

    Pour was originally sued by two former employees who alleged they were not being paid at least minimum wage.  Since then other former employees joined the suit.

    The attorney for the plaintiffs, Jeremi Young, says in some cases some of the employees received no paycheck at all.

    "I mean literally not getting paid any money whatsoever from the club to work there.  They were dependent on tips.  The generosity of the dancers who were supposed to or who were requested to share tips with the DJ's and other positions and they didn't think that was right.  Young said."

    Young says at times, some of his clients worked for as little as $10/night in tips.

    On September 2, Beavers will be sold at auction to cover the judgement.  If it doesn't make enough, the judge could order the sale of one or more of Pour's other clubs, Cheetahs and Babes, which could eliminate those topless clubs altogether.

    That's because an Amarillo city ordinance passed in 2003 says a topless club operating outside an industrial zone, like Cheetahs and Babes, cannot remain topless if:

   They change ownership or tenants.
    They shut down for 180-days or more.
    Or the business is destroyed.

Attempts to reach the club owner and his attorneys today were unsuccessful.

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