Storm Photos Explained

AMARILLO -- Viewer Christy Cole Creacy sent in the following photos of a wall cloud quickly developing and then tapering off. 

She said, "As we were heading down HWY 54 we watched the clouds develop and within a few seconds it was gone!"

Meterologist Chris Martin explains the photos:

Christy, this looks like a developing wall cloud. We had plenty of moisture for thunderstorms the last several days, and some decent rotation in the atmosphere, so many of our storms rotated. It's a very low hanging wall cloud before tapering off. There was a very low tornado threat on Friday, but thankfully we never got warm enough for any to occur. We probably also had a one or two cold air funnels during this time, which are very weak but can occur when there is enough moisture and rotation, but they will usually not touch the ground or they're very, very weak if they do. Thanks for the pictures!

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