Storm Chaser Spotlight: Jason Boggs

Jason has been chasing storms for almost 20 years

AMARILLO, TX - Jason Boggs has been chasing storms for almost 20 years. Close to 10 of those, he's been chasing for Your Local Weather Leader.

Love for thunderstorms and weather started early for Jason: "I remember also when I was little my mom would tell me 'the severe weather show is on, Jason!' and I would run to the TV and I would plop down in front of it and it just was awesome."

Jason has seen countless tornadoes in several states, but tornadoes aren't all he's after when he's chasing storms. He says he's more of a big-picture kind of guy.

"I like to stay six, eight, ten miles away with a wide angle camera," Jason says. "I do mostly still photography when I'm not calling in severe weather reports to the station, and I just love the whole structure aspect of the storm. And of course, the tornado is usually the icing on the cake."

Jason says Mother Nature has kept things unpredictable at times, but there have also been times he's gotten it right and seen the perfect storm or tornado.

If you're looking to learn how to be a storm chaser, Jason recommends you take a storm spotter class from the National Weather Service. For more information on spotter training, call (806) 335-1121.

You can also email Jason if you have any questions about chasing or the weather. His email is

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