Stopping Synthetics

- AMARILLO -- Amarillo could have more ammunition in the fight against synthetic drugs.

Law enforcement in Abilene shut down several K2 distributing shops, citing legislation that has been in place since the 60's. That legislation means many synthetic marijuana brands are illegally labeled.

Impact Futures has been collecting signatures to get Amarillo city officials to use these laws, to shut down businesses that sell K2.

The deceptive business practices act, and the federal fair packaging act are what law enforcement in Abilene are using. They've been able to shut down all of their K2 stores.
The way it works essentially is, K2 and other synthetic drugs are now identified as consumer commodities, so the labeling standards are different.
Impact Futures and the Texas Poison Control Center are making a push to bring the strategy to Amarillo.

"So we took it to our city attorney on Monday, and we presented everything to him along with the numbers from Texas Poison Control," said LaViza Matthews, Director of Impact Futures. "He said wow, finally something we can use."

 Matthews tells us the city attorney will look over the information, and then possibly present it to city officials for implementation.

Lubbock has used the strategy as well, and has since had four drug raids, and multiple K2 seizures.

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