STDs Spreading Among Seniors

FORT MYERS, FLORIDA -- It can be a tough topic to bring up, but researchers and doctors say if you're between 50 and 90, or have a loved one who is - you need to talk about sex.

Sexually transmitted infections among older Americans are up 50-percent in the last 10 years.

One HIV specialist says other doctors need to do more to stop it.

"Elderly people actually are at more risk for catching HIV infection than younger people are," says HIV specialist Dr. Marshall D'Souza.

He says older people tend to think they are not at risk.

Many seniors admit to risky behavior like unprotected sex because they can't get pregnant.

Cultural changes, like the increase in male performance-enhancing drugs, may have also led to more STDs among senior citizens.

"Elderly people think that by using this drug they can have more sexual encounters, but that puts them at higher risk," D'Souza says.

He says doctors need to offer more routine HIV testing, but just a simple conversation about sex and sexually transmitted diseases could help.

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