Wichita Falls Has at Least 2 Years of Water Left

- Recent news reports that Wichita Falls only has a few weeks of water left have folks on edge.

And as every drop continues to count in this area, city officials want to set the record straight.

Public Works Director Russell Schreiber says the city recently completed a study that says we have at least 24 months of water remaining in the supply.

Scheiber says last year there was some confusion about the amount of water we have as filing stage 3 restrictions became a little tricky.

“The only box you could check for stage 3 was you had 180 days of water left that's when Daniel called down there and said 'wait a minute guys, I don't want to check this box because we've got a lot more than 180 days of water left' and the TCEQ instructed him to check the box anyway. That way all of our stuff would get attention down there,” says Schreiber.

Schreiber says those numbers have been cleared up.

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