Wichita Falls Enters Stage 5 Water Restrictions Saturday

- Wichita Falls area lakes have it hit 25%. That means that stage five water restrictions will go into effect this Saturday. 

Here is what is included in the restrictions:

You will be able to refill hot tubs and spas -- but you can not re-fill pools with city water.

Car washes can only operate 5 days a week, Tuesday through Saturday. 

Car washing will not be allowed at all if lakes hit 20%.

Councilors also passed a water rate increase for residents who use more than 10 units of water -- that's about 10,000 gallon.

When stage 5 hits -- the city will implement a surcharge of 6 dollars if you use more than 10 units.

That would increase -- the more water you use.

City officials say Wichita Falls businesses will not face a water usage surcharge.

In addition to these restrictions, councilors also voted to approve the hauling in of water to keep Castaway Cove open this summer.

And to help out with enforcement, part of the stage 5 ordinance gives Public Works Director Russell Schreiber the right to enact additional restrictions on a short term basis in case of an emergency.

Schreiber says he hopes it's something he will never have to do, but the ordinance could come in handy for a few situations, like a major main break or contamination to the water supply. In those events he would have the right to shut down water use or enact any other necessary restrictions.

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