Water Shaming is a New Trend in California

Look at all the water that is being wasted by this shopping center.

Videos and pictures clutter social media. But instead of "hashtag selfie" these pictures are shaming water wasters.

"You're putting people on blast so it's probably the best thing to do, so, that they can start realizing they need to change."

The term is known as drought shaming. With spray parks closed early and residents facing a possible 500 dollar fine if found wasting water neighbors are now policing each other.

"I think it's up to each person to do what's necessary I don't think they need somebody policing them like their neighbors."

But while some are choosing to conserve water in a different way.

"I may go up to them and ask if they know that their sprinklers were spraying everywhere but the grass, that's how I would approach it."

Water companies across town say they're phone lines are full of "drought shamers" as well.

"We have been receiving calls from customers just to let us know about their neighbors wasting water."

And of course there's an app for that, all you  have to do is take a picture of something you believe is water wasting like this post that was sent in a couple of days ago.

The niles community services district has responded to many calls of leaks and water waster in the last few weeks. But if you ask them if the "drought shamers" are really helping?

"Uh when people are calling in to complain about their neighbors if that's creating an effect as far as conserving water, I don't think so, at least not yet."

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