Water Pumping Station Disguised In South Abilene Neighborhood

- ABILENE, TX -- A home just off Danville Drive in South Abilene that thousands pass each day has more of an impact on folks in the city of Abilene than they may realize. In fact, they may not even notice it is there. 

"Unless you actually live in probably the immediate area of the neighborhood, you have no idea what it is," explains neighbor, Patricia Reese. 

"It is used to maintain water pressure throughout what we call the second pressure plain", explains Wayne Lisenbee, Assistant Director of Water Utilities for the City of Abilene. 

The home is really a city pump station that moves around eight million gallons of water each day. By design, it fits into the surroundings...so much so that close neighbors were not sure about the facility at first.

"Well the only reason we know about it is because we are backed up to it and I was curious enough to ask," says neighbor, James Webb.

"I'm not going to lie, one day I actually went and just kind of peeked in the window and was a little surprised that it was nothing but pipes," explains Patricia Reese.

The pipes housed in this pump station and others around the city are working extra hard this time of year. "In the summertime, people use more water, so we have to move more water through here," explains Lisenbee. 

Lisenbee says the City of Abilene uses between 7 and 8 million gallons of water more each day in the summer compared to winter months. During the summer, it’s typical that Abilene consumes between 24 and 25 million gallons of water each day. During the winter months, between 16 and 17 million gallons is an average for daily water use. 

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