Wait! A Lubbock Panhandler Is Giving Away Money Instead of Asking for It?

- LUBBOCK, TX -- A Lubbock man created an unusual twist on panhandling at South Loop and University Avenue Wednesday morning.  Instead of holding up a sign asking for money, he held up a sign asking if other people needed money. 

"You know it is really odd to have someone come up to you and give you money," Adolf Peters said. "It's just not the norm."

Peters, 38, gave out dollar bills to anyone – even people who did not ask. 

In fact, Peters had to make some people take the money.

"You can tell that they really appreciate it and I am hoping that it will inspire someone to do the same."

Peters’ sign said he had a job, a home, and money and he wanted to offer money to others.  But somewhat to his surprise people very often did not take his money.  Instead, they gave him money so he could keep on giving, and he is asking them to pay the good deed forward as well. 

"Some people don't have the money to give away, but you can do other things that don't cost money," Peters said. "Go to a car wash, offer to wash someones car for them. Take someone's grocery cart out, load groceries for them. It doesn't always have to be money."

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