Vacant Littlefield Prison Could House Immigrants

- LUBBOCK,TX- Levelland city officials are asking their city to become the newest home to hundred of illegal immigrant families. 

The city has been talking with the U.S. Customs office for the last two years about opening the vacant Bill Clayton Detention Center, and converting it into an immigrant facility. 

The 95,000 square foot facility opened in 2000 as a youth detention center, but was closed down in 2009. 

Since then, the city has been maintaining the property, but Littlefield City Manager, Mike Arismendez, said it is draining city funds.

He and the other city officials said by re-opening the building, the city can stop spending money on the center and actually turn a profit from it. 

Arisemendez said the extra space will be helpful to the government, who is currently looking for space to house more than 52,000 kids, who are currently sleeping on floors of schools in Dallas and San Antonio.

But, Arismendez said he does not think the facility will house children, since I.C.E. does not oversee the unaccompanied minors. 

They are watched over by Health and Human services. 

I.C.E. is over immigrant males, females and families. 

The latter is who he thinks will move in to the Clayton center.

Arismendez said the city can have the facility open in 30 days, they would just have to hire some local employees to work in the prison. 

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