UPDATE: ECISD Confirms Death Of Permian Teacher Under Investigation For Improper Teacher-Student Relationship


ECISD officials have confirmed the death of Mark Lampman. 

They released this statement: 

"Our ECISD family is deeply saddened by the events that unfolded today. The remaining days and weeks of the school year will be very difficult at Permian High School. In an immediate response there will be crisis counselors available to all students and faculty members tomorrow and Friday.
We know and understand emotions are raw, and we have seen a number of very inappropriate and hateful posts to social media sites this evening. Out of respect for the families involved in this tragedy, we are urging everyone to remove all angry messages from all accounts and refrain from posting any more. This type of dialogue is not helpful, nor is it healing.
We consider ourselves part of the same team – the same family – and we must work together to get through a difficult time like this."

We reached out to Ector County Sherrif Officials, but they are only able to confirm they responded to a suicide. 

Odessa, TX (Big 2 News) - Permian High School finds itself in the spotlight again.

"It was kind of shocking to me when I heard it because it was done previously at another school," said Latrisha, a student at Permian High. 

According to Ector County Independent School District officials, Mark Lampman, a government teacher and assistant girls golf coach, resigned Tuesday afternoon after allegations of an improper relationship with a student. 

"We're glad that these are being reported because we take it very seriously and we'll investigate every single one that comes to our attention," said Mike Adkins, public information officer for ECISD.

Since last summer, three other ECISD teachers have resigned or been placed on administrative leave amid investigations of an improper student-teacher relationship.

Students tell me it's shedding a negative light on not just their school, but their teachers as well. 

"This is like, not a good thing for us right now, 'cause it shows bad reputation, especially for our school," said Peter, another Permian High student. 

According to ECISD officials, all district staff members go through an online interactive training, giving teachers and faculty members a guideline that sets boundaries for teachers. 

"We have more than 1,800 teachers in this school district. And they're doing outstanding work and they're doing great things for kids everyday," Adkins said. 

Because of actions by some teachers, like Lampman, a 17-year veteran of the district, students are asking for change.

"I think they should do something about it, so it won't be happening again," Peter said.

According to district officials, it's something they are already looking into.

"We will get it planned, whether that's gonna be something that's totally separate and in addition to the training we do now or added on to that in that way, but it already exists and obviously we need to do more, so we will," Adkins said.

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