(KPRC)  Police in Houston, Texas are the lookout for the kidnapper behind a carjacking that ended with an 8-month-old baby being dumped in a field.

For the first time since the crime, baby Genesis' mom, Lashanna Hailey, spoke about what happened.

"It was the worst moment of my life," she said.

Hailey said she had just dropped a friend off and stopped to get a soda at the Texaco gas station. She decided to leave Genesis in the car because she had fallen asleep and didn't want to wake her. Hailey was in the store for six seconds and said she never took her eyes off the car. That's when she saw a man open the driver's side door and get behind the wheel.

"I ran outside, he threw the car in reverse, I grabbed the door and jumped on the car. I asked him to give me my baby," Hailey said.

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